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Why no diet drinks on paleo?

A friend sent me a text yesterday to ask me why she couldn't have diet coke on paleo. Like many, she has a major weakness to diet soda. I will even admit that I have a small weakness to them. Sometimes there is nothing better than an ice cold diet dr pepper. Paleo rules say that you can drink them in moderation, however most diet soda addicts can't do that. Of course on whole30 it is not allowed at all for 30 days. When I am not on whole30 I have managed to let a diet drink be my treat. I will allow myself a soda once a week, and sometimes it's only once every two weeks. When you think about it, there is really nothing beneficial in a diet drink at all ( yes it is delicious). If you are drinking more than 3 diet drinks a day, then face it, you are addicted. Do you really want something to control you like that? A good thing to do would be to slowly start eliminating them. I know you hear people say just drink more water if you are thirsty, and you quickly think, I do, and it's not the same as that sweet diet soda! Paleo is based on what the cavemen were doing and they definitely weren't knocking back diet soda. Yes, if they had them, they probably would have loved them, but you could say the same with a snickers bar. Would it be smart for us to eat 3 snickers bars a day? Diet sodas are sweetened with artificial sweetners, and while they may be better than sugar loaded sodas, they contain ingredients that will in no way contribute to your health. When you are on paleo, the goal is to eat and drink things that will best fuel your body. Because diet sodas taste sweet they trigger the release of insulin which is proven to be associated with increased body fat. Listen, I don't know about you, but I don't want to drink anything that's going to in any way come close to increasing my body fat. I work way to hard at crossfit to let that hinder me. If our intent is to be healthy,fit, fast and strong......we better live like it!
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4 Responses to Why no diet drinks on paleo?

  1. Lauren says:

    I am the most sad that we are not allowed aspartame, splenda, or even stevia on the “Whole 30” I decided that I do not actually like the taste of coffee as much as I thought I did.

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