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Change the pace a little…..Eat Smart and Get Strong

Today I decided to do a run because we are supposed to have a day of rest at Crossfit. Running is something that I will always love and I want to always be in 1/2 marathon shape. Crossfit prepares you to do anything at anytime. I want to be able to run 12-15 miles hard at anytime, but also do 40-50 pull ups at any time. I ran with a really good friend that I haven't run with in a while and I truly enjoyed it. We ran 8 miles, chatted the entire time, and managed to keep an 8 minute pace. Over the past 7 years I have spent the majority of my Saturday mornings waking up to do a "long run". I have constantly been training for either the New York marathon, Boston marathon, or New Orleans marathon. For years that feeling of, oh my gosh, I have to go run 10, 15, or even 20 miles in the morning has haunted me on Friday night. Although some days I loved it, and the time away from everything is just what I needed, I have to say.....overall I don't think I miss it anymore. This year, after not getting in the lottery drawing for the New York marathon, I decided to train for the Crossfit open and possibly one 1/2 marathon (which if you've done a 1/2 and a full you know a 1/2 is NOTHING like doing a full). I have spent the past 6 months concentrating on crossfit and getting fitter, faster and stronger. I've spent the time working on using my fast twitch muscles and not building cortisol doing long slower runs. Every Saturday morning for 6 months I have gone to crossfit and done an incredibly hard WOD. On my way to crossfit I pass the run groups that I used to be a part of. Now every time I see local marathon runners that I used to run with they ask if I've been running and they tell me how far they will be going this weekend. They also always throw out the "doesn't everyone get hurt at crossfit" comment. I immediately think, they don't even realize what they are missing at crossfit. They don't even realize their own potential. I ran almost every single day for 7 years to become a marathoner, and all it took was starting crossfit and basically cut my running in half to become a better runner and to lose weight. Being stronger gives you such an advantage. Running for 3 hours does not make you strong, yes, you will have endurance, but you're not strong. Most people that run for 2 or 3 hours go home and follow it up with a pancake eating marathon. I have now run 2 marathons doing paleo. Yes, that means NO pasta feast the night before and NO pancakes after. My times on these 2 marathons were better than they have ever been. I ran a 19:32 5k couple of weeks ago. I never dreamed that was possible for me. I owe it all to paleo and crossfit. When I was training for marathons, people used to always ask me how I run long and don't eat carbs. I do eat carbs, I just eat good carbs. I eat sweet potatoes, vegetables, and fruit instead of pizza and pasta. Most people actually gain weight while training for a marathon and that's why, because their diet is really bad. Running a marathon is not an excuse to pig out. Lots of runners are scared to do crossfit or weight training because they think they will get hurt or it will make them bulky. You can get hurt walking down the stairs in your house (believe me, I've done it), don't be scared just because someone tells you to be. You can get hurt running for 2-3 hours every weekend (done that too), you can get hurt playing golf, or even doing yoga. And, if your doing enough cardio and eating correctly you arent going to get bulky. You should listen to that little voice in the back of your head that every once in a while says "should I just try it?" Don't get me wrong running a marathon is a wonderful feeling and I will be doing it again next year. Qualifying for Boston is a major highlight in my life. But my advice to you is don't be scared to be strong, make every run count, push yourself on every run, lift some weights, jump on some boxes, do some pull ups, eat some good clean food.....it will only make you better! Train to be able to do an adventure race or a triathlon anytime, pick up your grand kids without hurting yourself, look good in your clothes, or just to simply live longer.
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3 Responses to Change the pace a little…..Eat Smart and Get Strong

  1. Mitzi D says:

    I will be the first to say “AMEN”. Being one that has done all races from a 5k to a marathon, from a sprint tri to an Ironman, and have trained hard for all with the use of “carbo loading” now I know that I didn’t have to fuel my body that way. I can tell you as well… I have been a yoyo with weight gain and loss. Now that I have chosen still to keep my running up more than you, but to swing, climp, throw, lift and pull at CF along with a paleo diet, my racing has not been effected. I feel better and now know that carbo loading, gu packets, post race meals can now be replaced with healthier choices. It takes some research and listening to your body but it works. I run for peace of mind and because I love it. Many people just run to eat. People need to ask themselves what is my purpose? Thanks Kat for posting your thoughts.

  2. dawn says:

    I appreciate this! I actually became a runner after getting fit with aerobics and strength training. My heart was fit and muscles conditioned, so I was ready to run. I appreciate the work smarter not longer approach.

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