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What’s your reason to be healthy?

I didn't get a chance to post a recipe yesterday. Last night we went over to paleolithicMD house for a paleo potluck. There is a group of local people who have had gastric sleeve surgery and who have also started paleo and crossfit. Last night they came together to share their results, have a paleo meal, and share their stories. I didn't get to stay for their personal testimonies because my sons were running around like wild animals, but I did get a chance to speak to a few of them and see some before and after pictures. It was truly amazing. They were so excited to swap paleo recipes and talk about how their lives have changed. I got some great new ideas and had some incredible food. So many people use so many excuses for why they can't get up,get active, and eat right. Don't make excuses, just get up and get healthy. I want to stay healthy for my children. My parents always say that their reason to stay healthy is because they want to be at the weddings of their grandchildren. Everyone has a reason to be healthy.....what's yours?
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One Response to What’s your reason to be healthy?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Such a good point to bring up. I just started paleo and some people are like “you are not fat, you look fine”, but for me it is all about being healthy. I just want to start eating real food and most people don’t get that. My biggest motivation to be healthy is my son. I want it to just be a habit to eat well and not have to think twice about it. I really want to set an example for him so that he will also want to take care of himself. When parents don’t take care of their bodies they need to realize that they are not only doing it to themselves, but to everyone that cares about them. I never want to be that way.

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