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Sticky Apple Bars

Sticky Apple Bars

I am participating in a local holiday tasting next week and I'm trying to decide what to make for the guests to sample. I want to bring 3 or 4 different holiday type paleo foods. Last night I made these no bake sticky apple bars from PaleOMG just to see if they might be something that I want to make. They are delicious, and a small sample is about all you need to fix any kind of sweet tooth you may have because they are very rich. Only problem is that when I cut them into bite site samples they don't look very pretty, or appetizing. Think I may have to try a few other things before I decide what to make for the event.

I'm heading to New York City tomorrow with my mom and my daughter for our annual girls trip. I will definitely be keeping you posted on all of the delicious food that we eat.... Paleo of course!!

Recipe: Sticky Apple Bars

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